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Our equipment, cameras and lenses are updated to meet the special challenges of digital photography. Mastery of picture manipulation and the special fields of digital photography repertoire constitute an important element in our pioneer work.

We are proud to say we continually participate in leading seminars to stay in touch with the latest developments in digital photography, for our enjoyment and your benefit!

Studio Jorma Rajamäki serves you in many kinds of needs of photography. We offer many special fields: we have solid shooting experience and proof e.g. in architecture, food, fashion, cars, industry and various advertising photos in general.


We are among the first to implement new techniques and applications. Further education outside Tampere nourishes our professional thirst for learning. In product photography we were the first to implement light painting. Panoramic photography makes a dynamic contribution to architecture and product photography.

HDR, high dynamic range photos have revolutionized architectural and interior photography. In our HDR photos there is a tonal range, better than that ever to be captured on the slide or the negative or the traditional digital photo. See PORTFOLIO. Welcome to our studio to view the unbelievable tone richness in our prints in these special photos!

We will sit round the coffee table at our office or your business place where you will outline your ideas or already plans for your needs. We will figure out the best agenda and set to work promptly and cost-effectively.

We will shoot the photos directly on our computer, whenever possible. We will follow the progress of the shoot in real time on our calibrated and profiled monitors. Thus we can monitor and supervise the shots on our screen that reproduces the colours correctly to the smallest details.

The final adjusted photos, the digital originals, you will get saved on a good quality CD or DVD. Furthermore we will print large and clear enough plates from the takes of the CD photos with file names.

You may be astonished, a better quality photo is not more expensive!

 Studio Jorma Rajamäki
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FIN-33400 Tampere, Finland
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